mChron (pre-launch name) is led by serial entrepreneurs, Tony Levitan and Professor Ramesh Jain, each of whom has a startup-to-IPO run to his credit. The Company is developing a mostly consumer-based mobile application service that we expect will turn Big Data upside down. (Please excuse our use of buzz-laden "Big Data." Our approach to the market has at its visionary core consumer interests and control mechanisms, rather than purely the objectives of enterprise players who dominate Big Data. Don't get us wrong ... We like enterprises too; we just don't nuzzle their derrieres the way many others do.) The Company is based in San Mateo, CA and has a development office in Singapore.

The Company is not sharing a whole lot publicly about what we are doing, but we are glad to take private conversations with prospective investors; exceedingly talented aspiring future colleagues; and others playing in our arena who embrace coopetition as an integral and intriguing part of building successful companies. mChron is in a pre-launch state.

To learn more about mChron check out the about page. If you would like to contact us, visit the contact page.